Tuesday, July 3, 2007

in sequential order

so this post is the pictures that were taken from a friday around 10 a.m. until sunday night at around midnight. Im going to post them in the order they were taken, and attempt to explain whats goin on.. ok here we go.

Brian used to be Mindgames only employee. He now works with me and Kevin. He is really punny and helps me survive the 8-5 m-f thing.

and of course KG helps keep me in line too..

i keep busy at work.

This taco spot is the sh*t. Soto st. & Whittier Blvd. in East Los Angeles early saturday afternoon.

If you are having trouble finding it, look for the dinosaur.

Charging our batteries.

I think jeff took this.

i know jeff did this true soul in the middle of a line.


this spot is reallllllly fun. but i dont wanna tell you where its at.

Marcus Benevides (spelling) chillin at the aforementioned spot.

Jeff and JC hangin outtt at the Blacktory.

Kevin and Marcus

This is Jeff Stockwell (duh), i think hes thinking.

And this is JC, but I dont think hes thinking too much.

Brnadon catchin the instant replay.. and this ends saturday.

Sunday started off at a cool line spot where JC got a really cool line, but we all needed to eat after that so we went to little tokyo. This is ben on the way there.

When we got there someone yelled "JC" out of nowhere. It turned out to be Dan Busta who was chillin with Ryan Schude (2 of the main Daily Bread Photographers). They noticed the "medium" shirt i let JC borrow. They shoot hot girls now i guess.

I ate sushi in little tokyo and then ben did a cool gap to backslide.

Where everyones relaxed but noone can sit still.

Lee, Ben, JC, Tyler, Brandon, Artem.

Ben y Artem.

Brandon, JC, Tyler, and bens guitar hangin out in the back.

Then Lee's friend Natalie came over with some random 16mm film that she found for him and it just so happened that Jesus just gave negrete at 16mm projector. There were some issues at first, but we eventually got it working before i passed out.

and i know i keep saying trailer soon, but its close. add us on the myspace.com/fadenation and we will appreciate it.

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Tobias said...

since i don't have a myspace i'll just leave a comment. looking forward to this and i'm enjoying the blog for now. thanks for fade nation in advance.