Thursday, December 30, 2010


So on Christmas day Lee Martin & myself went to the Lakers vs. Heat game. I was waiting for the Lakers to win another game before I dropped these photos so after last nights win against New Orleans, here they are. GO LAKERS!

Myself & Lee en route bumpin that PURP & YELLOW

the hot seat

Ron Artest!

Kobe free throwin

Shannon Brown

Matt Barnes

Andrew Bynum

Larry David & George Lopez


Kobe & Fisher

pregame 2

G-Lo & Will.I.Am ?

Lakers girls


Lamar shoots a freethrow

Kobe on the rebound

Kobe shoots

Pau Gasol dunks!

halftime homies

free throwww


Lee & our awesome jackets from my dads closet.




More from AIL/WRS

Filmed & Edited by Lonnie G (Me). Additional camera work by Erick Rodriguez (9-5).

Download the track "Witch Hunt" by Busy

B would like me to note that a fastslide-cess be referred to as a Kopi Luwak..



Monday, November 22, 2010

New camera fun!

For my birthday my friends Sarah and Bryant bought me this awesome little camera that takes 4 photos on a single frame of 35mm.. I already forgot what the camera itself is called but its really fun so here are some of the pics from my first roll..

Sarah (Click to see her work!)

Bryant (Click to hear his music!)

myself bored in traffic

JC Rowe


Haffey 180 in LB

Kruise Sapstein

fence in long beach

the wrong side of the tracks

The gutter

local flora

Bob Barker

the corner

10 stories up

proof sheet

Thanks for stoppin by!


Friday, November 19, 2010

LG web-view

Me answering questions HERE!

and this picture i shot of a dog..



Monday, November 15, 2010

GREEN Trailer #2


Song is "Trapperkeeper" by Low Limit

Download it HERE

Featuring Robert Guerrero, Jeremy Soderburg, Anthony Williams and Fritz Peitzner.

Also with Ben Schwab, JC Rowe, Michael Obedoza, Victor Galicia, Kruise Sapstein and Nick Rother.

Directed by Lonnie Gallegos.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

WRS Finals w/The Conference

I recently traveled to the WRS world finals in Rye, New Hampshire with the dudes from The Conference over this past weekend. Their job; blade. Mine was to film them. So check it out..

Aside from that I spent a lot of time shooting these photos..
(JC & Sotckwell also shot a few of te ones with me in them)

I flew out of LAX with Jeff & JC..

Jeff looking out over LA

After landing in Boston it was off to the rental car spot..

We finally made it to the hotel

This is proof that the $500 "smoking in the room" fine we received is bullsh*t

Chief Stockwell

Jeff & Don

The crew minus the Farm


Don & Jeff

Don & Jeff & Myself

Don & JC reppin tha D

I took a nap and woke up to all these people in my room.

Don pullin the trigger & Trudes smoochin her beer

Jeff Chris Don

Sky over Rye Airfield

white owl

Jeff & Farmer & Shooz

Fish & Jeff

Farmer lookin in the mirror

Demetrios manning the USD booth

Matt Ladewski

The Farm strappin' up

Jeff and the little shredders

I need to get Haffeys autograph too..

Franco Cammayo ROAR!

Stockweezy & Big Richizard

Ariel Surun

OG shredder Quang Do

Rob G & Raya

Sean Keane

World Champ Chris Haffey

Trudes n The Farm

Chris & his Jittos pizza

JC Grubbin

Jeff, Jero, Fish & JC

Mark Wodja and his boo

Fish & Jero up front, Farmer and Demetri in back seat

Chaz Sands, Mathias Silhan, Miguel Ramos and Matt Mickey in Portsmouth, NH

Fish in Portsmouth

Portsmouth locals

F A D E • N A T I O N

Jeph Howard & Brian Aragon

Stockwell and Bails

Don & Jeff in Boston

Don & JC

smoke-break alleyway

Random Boston Window

Bambrick, Stockwell, JC

Thank you guys.

What I looked like all weekend..

Me & Boston with Stockwell behind the lens

Big thank you to The Conference for the opportunity, and to all the dudes in the van.

Thanks for stopping by.