Friday, October 29, 2010

Triple fail

maybe tomorrow night...


Thursday, October 28, 2010

MCHNDRM, LAZERSWORD, and USD at Woodward..

First off Machinedrum gave us a shout on his facebook.. and one of his friends even referenced "hoax 2: anarchy across america." Rad. Being the geek I am I screen grabbed it for personal gratification because I am a huge Machinedrum fan.

Cool right? That being said, If you liked the song for the first trailer you should buy it on vinyl or mp3 at the Stones Throw Record Store or @ iTunes


My friends "Lazer Sword" have finished their new album! It is up for pre-sale as I type this at the Stones Throw Record Store

You can listen to the previews and everything there, and I recommend the vinyl-buy because the album art is mind blowing! These dudes (Anteus 'Lando' Roy and Bryant 'Low Limit' Rutledge) let me use a track for Soderburgs part in GREEN, so perhaps we could do them a solid and cop a track or 2..


So I went to Woodward West over the weekend with USD to film their Am's at the AIL championships. They all did a good amount of shredding, and I'm choppin up the edit now, but hopefully these pictures will suffice until I get that done..

ADUB & S Co.

Victor Galicia & Jeremy Soderburger

ADUB solo

Steven Cortez

Soderburg & Shannon Rodgers



Anthony Williams Runnin USD

Tyler Hester


Alex Miranda

The Matt, The Mick, The intuition!

Rob & Raya

Man-blader Derek Henderson

Erick Rodriguez on that 9-5


Show-runner Richie V.


Mickey, Richie & Arlo in the judges booth

Jeremy Condamine & Gav Drumm

Julian Bah

Rob & Rachard



The legendary B Love

Thanks for checking in!

USD @ Woodward, Aaron Feinberg USD All-Star edit & GREEN Trailer #2 all by tomorrow night? Wish me luck!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Amoeba Last Night

Good buys on vinyl..

James Blake: CMYK

Computer Jay: Maintain

Devin The Dude: Suite 420

Dimlite: Prismic Tops

Jamie Lidell: Little Bit Of Feel Good (7' Single)

BOAC: 19Ninety Now Theme

Chino XL: No Complex/Waiting To Exhale

Madvillain: Americas Most Blunted

Support what you enjoy.