Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Lots goin on still.. the footage from Boris out in russia is really cool and the AZ stuff showed up and has lots of good stuff too. I just got a call from Negrete and him and Lee just picked up 3 more rolls of super8 that we shot. So, heres some more pictures in celebration of that..

Haffey Post-skating at the blacktory.

If these dudes were cartoons they'd be Shredder and Master Splinter

LA's only downfall..

This is Artem.. he makes good conversations and skateboards cool too.

backseat party

We sleep alot

see what i mean?

at least its not just me

maybe we just like to photograph things while theyre asleep..

good new eatery we found out about off temple and glendale

Mr. Ramen in Little Tokyo is good too.

we often end up sitting outside some store on this corner

We have more cameras than you

and a really dirty desk

Thats it for now i suppose.. trailer coming REALLY SOON.. adios.

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