Sunday, July 19, 2009

up to speed

so the extreme lack of blog doesnt mean we havent been doing anything.. actually its quite the opposite. Negretes workin on his thing and im workin on mine... Fade Nation 3: Green. Been filming with Kruise Sapstein, Rob G, Anthony Williams, Fritz Peitzner was out for awhile, and a few others. So yea, sorry for being MIA for a few months..

Deans ao fishy

Jeremy Soderburg Royale

Front torque

Front torque 2

Kruises ass

Kruise tts

Kruise TTP


Obidobe and LA

Obi 3 (edit: this is kenny owens, not obedoza.. fixed)

mother earth

AZ homies

Ben Schwab y Victor

Victor again

Fritz Royale up

Fritz & Andy



Lee (where you at dude?)

Anthony Williams switch tts

Rob G 360 with sleeping dude

JC's legs work again, but this is an old picture. He texted me this morning though and said "Watching brain fear gone.. You're awesome"

Valdez and the riot police

Lakers riots

Lakers riots 2


Ron Jeremy of PORN

and yea thats about all i have for photos..

thanks for the patience.