Tuesday, September 30, 2008



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flying Lotus video by Eric Wareheim (Tim & Eric)

the fonseca homie dropped this on me today. I guess its not much of a secret that Flying Lotus is the man.. and Eric is hilarious on Tim & Eric.. so heres a nsfw music video directed by Eric for "Dance Floor Dale" by Flying Lotus.

Thanks to Bryant for getting me the new new.. in higher quality!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

super 8 previewsss

so tuesday night i finally broke down and captured all the super 8 footage we have shot so far. If you couldnt tell from past posts, ive tried before and things kept going wrong.. but finally, i got it. Theres about 30 minutes of raw film, maybe 9 or 10 reels altogether that i put into 1 giant reel. However, i didnt think about adjusting the white balance per roll, and it was being a complete pain in the ass, but i managed to eventually get it right. Then, halfway through the procecss something got in the lens of my projector, forcing me to take it apart, blow on everything (my lungs are a budget airduster) and put it back together.. thankfully it worked and i eventually got it done.. so here some pics of the film footage..

erik and jeff

victor galicia

good times

hood local

erik bailey strappin up

erik and the fuzz


lee aomak in SF


rain 1

rain 2

dallas has dart

SF has bart

park in santa monica

enanoh strappin up

stockwell on the keys in SF


me & LARJ

and thats all for now. thanks for checkin in.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Valdez of Low Eyes

My friend Valdez (the MC from the Low Eyes duo) has a live performance online over a beat by edru (edru also made the trailer track for the first fade nation). Id suggest letting the video load a little longer than it should or it will pause in the middle.. butt-check it out..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

sunday sunday sunday

so skating today started out at around 5 which is usually when everyones finally over it but it actually didnt happen like that and it somehow worked. erik stokley and ben stewart have been coming out on the sessions lately which is cool.. anyways we found some cool stuff to blade on eventually and everyone had fun and i took some pictures so here they are..

me and lee went to check out the fairfax high swap meet around noon..

the license plate says "tymecar"

this bum was straight up sleeping on the side of the highway..

the bum sleeping on the freeway and the mexican flag waving had me feelin like i was actually in mexico

insa up on melrose..

when me and lee got home JC and nick were waiting for us outside.. thankfully our timing was good and we went out and found this gem of a spot. jc-alleyoop3

negrete on the angles

lee goes fakie over the light in the frsh larj usd's

jc erik and ben poolside

its lee martinez when hes on the east side

jc the lifeguard

stokley over the rail to start the line

lalalalalalalalala view from the east

thanks again for checkin us.. video en route..


Saturday, September 13, 2008

twerkin on it

things are finally coming together as of late. last week was a pretty big "strikes and gutters" week for me. I bought a 1TB hard drive then dropped it a couple days later.. super bummer. i had some really cool stuff on it, but luckily there was nothing on it that was irreplaceable. so i just bought 2 new drives to fix that little bump.. ones a 320gb and the other a tb. should do the trick. anyways, the strikes of the week were the footage we got from new jersey courtesy $ean Money, and the package Kenny Owens sent me.. It contained 1 copy of Say Word 3, and a tape full of montre clip that had us all sitting here going "WHOAAAAAAAAATTT?!" (thats like a combo word of whoa, and what, but said all elongated cuz we were excited).. heres picss.

Say Word 3 front and back cover.

from Jerseyyy

I <3 NJ



tapes and motavation

kg on the wheeeel

haffey works the angles

shima LA royale

shima fakie 5

steeze check

and thats about it for now i guess weve been footage transferring all day trying to get these drives on point but that just means web edits and trailers soon hooray thanks for checkinnn us.


Thursday, September 11, 2008


An email i received..

"hey guys,

we just came back from the ignition tour.
On this tour we went to eastern europe (sarajevo, belgrade....).
Enanoh filmed a lot for fade nation on this tour, so i thought it would be cool to send you some pics so you can update your blog with that?

If youre interested let me know and give a mail address where to send the pics!

The clips are getting captured right now and i will upload them as soon as possible!


ok so Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Serbia footage.. and i didnt even know what countries those cities were in i had to google it, get it wrong, get b*tched at by people who live there (thanks for reading our blog though from that far away), then re-edit my post.. but here they are.. All pictures by Felix Strosetzki

i guess dont ask just eat..

nutella is like the mcdonalds of sandwich spreads

this spot needs to be closer to us

the beach far from california


big backroyale

steeze check


not too sure..

ice grill

im guessing a bummer on a camping mish

i guess this is Lonnie, right? jaja how are you doing man? miss fighting with you dude... what have u been up to this summer? i just arrived from the ignition tour... was bad ass.
Well, just in case Brandon don't check his myspace here i let you attatched some clips from the tour!"

thanks alot enanoh and Ignition