Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Lots goin on still.. the footage from Boris out in russia is really cool and the AZ stuff showed up and has lots of good stuff too. I just got a call from Negrete and him and Lee just picked up 3 more rolls of super8 that we shot. So, heres some more pictures in celebration of that..

Haffey Post-skating at the blacktory.

If these dudes were cartoons they'd be Shredder and Master Splinter

LA's only downfall..

This is Artem.. he makes good conversations and skateboards cool too.

backseat party

We sleep alot

see what i mean?

at least its not just me

maybe we just like to photograph things while theyre asleep..

good new eatery we found out about off temple and glendale

Mr. Ramen in Little Tokyo is good too.

we often end up sitting outside some store on this corner

We have more cameras than you

and a really dirty desk

Thats it for now i suppose.. trailer coming REALLY SOON.. adios.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Meet Lee Martin

BIG roof gap to bank.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I've got alot of love for what the "Dipskate" guys are doing for the blading. Personally, i'd like to see and hear a little more Hell Rell, but Jim Jones and Juelz are also on top of their games right now. Not to mention that Ramelle has always been cool, as has Calvin and Julian Bah, so im glad to see some cool dudes on TV reppin the community. Peep the segment. I cant feel my face..

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Saturday and Funday!

This weekend was super productive and very fun at the same time. A rare mix of events that is always welcome. Saturday we skated with Ben and Lee and Artum came out to hang and add moral support/good vibes. We headed inland to a school that we have to go back to so Ben can do this one line thats gonna be super rad. It just wasnt gonna happen that day cuz of no sleep + partying + not skating in 2 weeks.

Then on sunday we skated LA.. We just drove up sunset and found a ledge that goes up and back down at a 90 degree corner (terrible explenation) but Ben and Dominic both got hot clips there.. then we found a school with some nice 8 or 9 stair ledges and a gate thingy next to it that with some minor altering, we made skateable. Everyone got cool clips here.. Nick Rother, Lee, and ben all got some cool stuff there.. but yea, picture time..

ben and artum on the way out..

driving duty..

rude ben

reebok pumps

Artum (sp?) on the moral support tip

smoke break.

ben is a really messy burrito eater

ash accident

Negrete y Dominico

Sunset Blvd.

Although there are no witnesses, i have been watching enough Law and Order SVU to figure this one out.. dude gets too drunk riding his bike, falls over, feels sleepy, says "fuckit," and here we are.. 6th & Alameda LA,CA.

footage capture and re-cap.. Ben, Dom, Lee, and Nick

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Friday, June 8, 2007

this week..

We've been particularly busy. Between cleaning, working, testing film, getting film developed, more working, hurting our bodies, and trying to get "promotional" things in place, weve been laggin on this blog thing-a-ma-jig. Brandon picked up the test super 8 rolls that we shot and we got some good stuff. Some color, some black and white, it all looks good, we just have to master transferring it with the proper colors now.. anyhow, heres a little review of how sh*t's been goin down.

Lee had a staff infection on his hip and spent like 5 days in the hospital. He still had an IV on for 2 days after he got out.. gross.

Straight west coastin..

Lee roofin it up..

walking around on the way to get dinner..

Ours is too!

see you guys after the weekend..

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Soyale Schwab Style

so yea.. heres Ben Schwab doing a really cool soyale.. and me taking a decent photo. look..

Monday, June 4, 2007

the weekend warriors

So this weekend Ryan Northway told me he was gonna be in San Diego and so I (Lonnie) met Negrete at Haffey's place so we could head out to SD. Turn out i have a flat, so Brandon gets driving duty, but he needs oil so we hook all that up and drive the 2 hour mission to San Diego. We decided to meet at Jan's where Stockwell and Shima live. Jeff is still in Europe though, and Brian is nowhere to be seen, Jon Elliots hangin out, but the only person i see blading is Jan. So were trying to figure out the sesh but nobody is around. I mean we called half of San Diego looking for people to skate with.. no dice. Maybe we should planned earlier? Hell no. Because it wouldve turned out the same anyways. So back to the lack of session, we just took Northway and his entourage (which included his cousin, a friend, and ryans gf) to a ledge spot where he did a cool fishbrain.

Here is Ryans crew, minus his boo..

After the fishy we decided to get more fishy and eat sushi. Sushi deli is the best place in SD, probably the US (seriously), and its cheap as hell.. score. Peep my grub..

and brandon grubbin..

our key grip (aka my cousin Mikey)

he watches traffic, help with keeping the Blacktory clean, and handles grip duties (i.e. "Quick Mikey i need the super 8!!) heres Mikey G. puttin in work upon our 1 a.m. return from SD..

The next Day we headed out to the infamous Westminster house to skate with Rachard and JC.

aka sizzle-chest.

we all agreed that we should probably eat 1st though..

so they went to quiznos (i hate that place though.. i got some bagel sandwich next door)..

JC has a new pro wheel from Eulogy! peep game.. im gonna need some soon guys, my Rachard wheels are wearing down, and i gave my Lievanos wheels to Lee so just think about that ;)

JC did the sickest zero back royale right here.. wait till you see the clip.. he grabbed that sh*t.. looks all floaty JC-ish..

Then we went to this gate thingy at a church on a sunday (sounded like a bad idea, but it worked out) and Rachard got some hot clips and JC did this zero ao-fishy.. once again the $$.

Then we ended the day with dinner at the Gypsy Den where Schwab works to eat and shoot super 8.. sunday ruled.

ok so.. that took a couple days and sorry for the lag.. were busy.. more soon?! hopefully..

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