Wednesday, July 11, 2007

mid-week lagger update

So i know we havent updated this thing in awhile but weve been keeping busy trying to get this thing done. Trailer is basically done, i just need to do some titles. Since we were working on getting things organized (capturing, naming, organizing clips, looking for music, trying to get our myspace looking cooler, and catching up on sleep) we didnt go filming skating. We did go check out the biggest graffiti piece in the world by "Saber" on sunday. It was a bit of a hike to find it, but a little google earthing and we found it no sweat. Picture time! Smile!

I came home and saw Brandon like this and he had like 3/4 of a trailer done and it's TIIIIITE.

Then i played with it for a sec..

While Lee drew pictures.

On the way to the Saber piece.

Theres a traincar in the back.. look how small it is in comparison.

and this was Tyler and Artem on the way back.

theres writing on the wall.

have a good day :)

More soon i promise!

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