Monday, December 24, 2007


wow, long time no blog. time to get back here.. my camera works, we have moved into a new place, weve been filming, things are coming together again. Skating alot on the weekends. Ryan Santos has been coming out with haffey and rachard. This past saturday was cursed when rachard hit his head and messed up a rib, and haffey hurt his elbows, knees, and his private parts too, but did the trick about 5 times before so at least it wasnt in vein. Ryan santos came out alive though so that was pretty cool. Sorry for the random chatter.. heres some pics..

Kevin gillan, jc rowe, lonnie (me), lee martin, and negrete @ blow up LA


I gave lee a $20 to get some drinks.. what he came back with was 4 double shots of jack on the rocks..

brown boys..


Lee. Q.

2 man sesh.. i dont even remember if we actually skated anything this day.

Is "illest" even a word? isnt it "most ill" instead? Ive always sucked at english so i could be wrong, but couldnt they have chosen a little more proffesional adjective? In any endeavor, at least the king magazines are good for propping up the projector.

go kings..

Negretes film roll from england..

super 8..

"autoload" my ass.. transferring this crap to digital is never easy. and im sure as hell not going to pay for it. But the transfer box footage should look a little cleaner than the "film it on a white wall" style ive previously used.

KG on the assist once again while negrete is behind the camera.

and thats about it for now. lotsa skating until then.. and umm.. find the bush babbees gravity album and listen to it until next time because its really good and has alot of cool mos def stuff on it and im listening to it right now so its fresh on my mind. alright adios.

oh and merry xmas or whatever you celebrate..