Monday, July 23, 2007

super ketchup

So i know i have to catch everyone up to speed. Its been about a week since ive put anything up here and im feelin like a lazy motherf*cker about it. But to be fair, Rachard "borrowed" the cord to my camera, and now claims that it is his and he never borrowed mine, but i dont really care because i have a media stick reader at work. However, the media stick reader does not read the little media sticks, so i have to put it into a converter one to make it work, and i lost that converter for a couple days. But i finally found it so heres whats been goin on in that week that i was getting all the trailer stuff together (which is why i was ctually so busy in the 1st place).

My family kidnapped me and made me go to my cousins birthday in Chula Vista. If i had known there was a skatepark at the park the party was, i could have bladed with these dudes. Instead we just talked for a bit and i got my blader fix for the day.

I straight up rock the 8-5er, but i can dress however i want. But sometimes as a mockery i dress in full on worker style complete with company t-shirt. If i had a phone clip on my belt i would be 100%. This is basically the opposite of casual friday, and i really just do it to make everyone in the office look at me weird.

Lee in the baby seat after we saw "Paris je taime" (spelling?) which is a pretty cool movie if you dont mind subtitles (which i dont). And were not gay, we didnt just go together in case you were gonna try and call us out.

But if you did want to try and call me out on being gay (which im not, but in LA you have to be open minded about that kind of stuff), heres all the ammunition you will ever need.

Anyways.. Haffeys been coming out and killing it. Him and Lee skate well together which makes for some stunt-fueled, motorcross type sh*t.

Camera, skates, beats, water, wax.. check. Lets do this.

Haffey reminding skatestoppers that they cant stop us and need to f*ck off already.

Lee needs new skates. Bummer.

Should i just gap it?

Yes... you should fakie 360 the sh*t out of it.

Great job team.

Bored? Do a backslide i guess..

Jug nutsack protector.


1mogain. LA.

and yea.. hopefully were all caught up now. We learned about big fakie 3's, (not)gay cameramen, and over a weeks worth of our random lives.


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Beat Rachards ass and take back your cord.(;