Friday, September 21, 2007

Premier Video Thingy..

Hey our friends Jason Reyna made a sweet edit of the footage he filmed at the Fade Nation screening at our loft in downtown Los Angeles. Check it outtt!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


So we had a screening at our loft for the video 2 weeks ago. Since then I've been super busy at work, and super not-feel-like-touching-the-computer-when-i-get-home, so sorry for the blog update slack. Anyhow, heres some pics from that night. Thanks to all the people who came outtttt!

"BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH Heres the video. Thanks."

Decoration Smoke Break


Mas Decor

I always think about Sean singing "I Hate Jesus" whenever i see Jesus.

Drinks by Roxy and Liz

Connor Obrien

Dean Coward and Brierly (sp?)

Ryan Northway

Full House

Victor GalĂ­cia

Ben Schwab and Lee Martin

Tracy White and Carlos Kessel


Mike and John and wives.

Demetrios, Sayer, and Sagoners

Nick Rother

"Mindgame" Brian Ehrich (our music supervisor) and Mae

John Nicely and B Cam


John Fox and Racharddd

Drew aka "Fade Nation" and my Dad

Jeff Stockwell and John Starr

Tat Nasu was there.. really.


Obedoza and Zack Hendrickson

The party wouldnt count if somebody didnt puke

Negrete being fondled by Alejo

Alejo guey..

Carl Sturgess

Kevin Gillan

Clayton, Negretes, Rob G

Emily, Brendan, Tori

J Sizzla

Ryan Schude, Sayer, and Mike McMullen

The Bulldog and The Haffey

FP in the houseeee.. Rachard Johnson and Demetrios George

Marcus and his boo (i forgot her name, but at least i wont lie about it.)

Jocelyn Feeeeeeee..

Billy Kostka.. download his video here(its free, its ok)

By the time people started showing up, edru was too wasted to actually be the DJ.. its ok though thats what ipods are for.


Buy a video!

Thanks to Trudy and Zack for help with the photos.

And thanks again to everyone for coming out, having a good time..

and for getting us kicked out of the building (really).



hahaha I woke up to this text on my phone today..

From: Rachard Johnson 09-15-2007 3:33 a.m.

"I know its a lil early but update the freakin blog u know i got ensomnia"

hahahaha thanks rachard.. i got you.

Monday, September 3, 2007

finished part 1: waiting

so when the dvd was finally all done and authored out, we had a week and a half of waiting around for the copies to come back. We've probably watched the video a billion times by this point, i still like it. Here's some of what we did while enjoying our down time..

i went to sf on some family business and chilled out with Bryant Rutledge (see: brain_fear_gone friends alleyoop topsoul). When i took the bart to his place and got off i saw this super gnar death ledge.

Brandons cat finally took a chill pill on killing my cat.

Haffey is like one of those animal whisperers.. damn pets love him..

Farmer was in town for micahs wedding..

My cat kind of just lays down wherever he feels like it.. we think she might be a born stoner, but she lets us put weird stuff on it without really fussing or anything so thats pretty cool.

Negrete & KG

Shima came by to get a sneak peak of the video. Eric torres and Ryan santos made him go "whoa."

Mr ramen sesh..

more of the ramen sesh..

smell the glove?

Bum pushing pallets down the street on some hood sh*t.

Smokey linked up with DMX on some rough riders business..

McDonalds drive thru.. and dont give me any "havent you seen supersize me" guff either.. its the closest still-open thing.

Jay Red

Lee watches his part..

So yea thats about it while we were waiting around.. besides me going to work. enjoy.