Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mid-week blading update

So Brandon and Lee ventured out to Orange County on Tuesday. Basically everything was a bust except for a little rail in the park in Santa Ana. Lee and Victor both got cool clips despite a dirt road approach. They did manage to kidnap Victor and bring him back to LA though. They also went skating yesterday (wednesday) and got some really cool stuff too. All of these pics were taken while i was at work (lucky SOB's). The clips from this day are cool too. Lee did a cool line and Victor got a cool move on the wiggly blue rails.. picsssssssss.

Victor doesnt have a car and lives really far, so we pick him up and film him doing stuff (poetry is back in).

OC spotcheckin.

Get a new job cockblocker.

EL POLLO LOCO! (if youve seen the commercials you should be laughing)

Handsome Boy Modeling School

Victor strappin up.

White-trash seagull


Santa Monica beach.

Lee had a tire blow-out.

Victor and Brandon handling that bizzzzzzz

at the wiggly blue rails (i dont know the spots official name)

Instant Replay

Success feels fantastic sometimes.

Victor, Lee, and Smoki (the cat).

All for now.. were still on that trailer.. although we are beginning to sound like a broken record. enjoy.

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Aveces said...

EL POLLO LOCO!!! I am definately well as "lines," which I am not sure anyone but me got...if you did indeed do that on purpose...which I'm sure you did. jeah....TRAILER!!!!!!!