Monday, December 28, 2009

16mm scenes

Somebody asked that i post stills from the rolls of 16mm that i shot for GREEN.. so here they be.

Rob G.

Rob G.

Victor Galicia

Obidobe and Jeremy Soderburg

Obidobe mistrial


Jeremy Soderburg

Kruise Sapstein








Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams

Soderburgs Timeline

Anthony Williams Timeline

and that should suffice.. Thanks for stoppin by.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

film transferrr

One of my favorite things and least favorite things to do is transfer film. Watching the film is great. Nothing beats the projected image, look, and colors associated with shooting on film. However, it is a huge process for me to actually get it transferred and digitized (but it definitely beats paying for it). So i guess this is a bit of an insight on the dreaded film transfer day..

Since i actually started getting super-dirty on the editing, my place has become an absolute mess of cords, film reels, cameras, etc..

But at least the weather was nice that day..

Get a new job dickweed

The drive to burbank usually kind of sucks because the drive though hollywood makes the highways a mess.. but thankfully we lucked out on some 10 a.m. nobody-is-driving-right-now

Fortunately for me, one of the last super8 developers/makers/suppliers is in driving distance from where i live. is their site and they have pretty much anything you'd need to shoot super 8.

Saw this on the way home.. You're welcome France.

This is actually the 16mm projector/film. But i transfer it the same way as the super8.

aaaaaand recording..

home sweet home

lunch for the pigeons

The Karate Guerrero

and the sweetest part of all is that when i captured everything, it was all cropped wrong.. so i get to do it all over again today! YES! (NOOOOOOO!)

wish me luck.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Il Pleut (a short film)

I recently starred in a short surrealist film made by my friend Sinziana. It is titled Il Pleut (Its raining) and is based on a poem.. So peep game on my acting skills.. i could be the next Steve Buscemi..



Monday, December 7, 2009

weekend wrap-up

Soooo there was much business to be tended to over the weekend. First and foremost I had to get Rob G. back to the SF area on saturday.

A few minutes online and a virgin america ticket later and rob was home for less than the gas to drive would've cost.. plus saves us all 6 hours or so of car-time.. SCORE!

Rob managed to give himself a haircut sometime in between friday night and saturday morning and when i woke up i saw a freshly hairstyled Rob G. packing up his things.

then off to the port..

Krasnogorsk-3 16mm

HDV, 16mm, Super8mm.. step your multi-format game up

After that it was time to handle all the capturing, properly renaming clips and gathering all the film that needs to be transferred ready. Doesn't sound too bad, but organization is a dreadful process for myself to confront. Anyhow, saturday down, moving on to sunday.

Sunday was to be the last day i spent filming. Victor and I met up with Jeremy Soderburg, Anthony Williams, Anthony Gallegos and Greg aka Stepdad.

Half the sunday crew..

Not knowing what to expect we rolled out to a rail at a bank, and found a sweet fence that a car had knocked over and created a cool blade obstacle, then off to another rail before Anthony (Williams) had to leave for work..

Anthony Williams

Victor makes the special cigarettes

beat provider

The knocked over fence deal i was talking about

Anthony Williams Torqueee

Anthony Gallegos (no relation that we know of) negative fishy

Anthonelli Torquee

Anthony Williams at the last spot

obedoza also stopped by for a few days during the week..

no sleep till....

and thats about it for the weekend. Big thanks to Soderburg, Victor, and Rob G for the pictures. Also to the 2 Anthony's for blading.. Time to watch dexter while clips are converting.. Then dropping off more super8, all whilst editing in between. Hooray for a busy day..


Thursday, December 3, 2009

SF & filming continues...

Over thanksgiving weekend Victor and myself decided to head up to San Francisco to chill, eat with my family, and kidnap Rob G. so we could bring him back to LA and finish filming his part. We literally planned nothing except for where to eat thanksgiving. So once we got the the city Victor Galicia and myself started our plan of attack. This started with a little hash, a sketchy cop scare, and nowhere to sleep. A few phone calls and a few hours later and we were headed to redwood city for the night. David and his gf misty hooked it up with some floor space and saved the night. In the morning we hit the skatepark before heading to the city where we were to meet with rob g at some point (but we did not plan when/where/how to meet). So after roaming the city for a few hours victor and myself ended up at the Free Gold Watch store right behind amoeba. After a small geek-out sesh with Matt the owner of free gold watch, we headed over to amoeba to look for some tunes. After roaming amoeba for a few we bumped into Ben Schwab and his friend Zara. They were going to some bar/concert thing which was a better plan then we had so we rolled with them. A few hours later Rob called us, we arranged a meeting place, and a few beers later enters Rob G. We crashed at Veronicas house that night with Ben and Zara with plans of morning blade. In the a.m. we got our stretch on and set out for what would be one of the best days ever. The kind of day where everything works out and everyone is happy. We found some sweet blade spots, no injuries, no kick-outs, perfect weather, perfect vibes. After that it was homeward bound with Rob G in shotgun and 7 hours later (even the holiday traffic couldnt ruin the perfect day) we were back in LA.. and now picture time!

No road trip is complete without car troubles

The randomest dude with a whole truck full of "fix your car" tools saved the day and pumped up our fully flat spare

dirtbag hands

almost done


thanksgiving day sunset

en route to SF

for real

Rooftop chillin

Ben y Zara

Veronica y Victor

heels for reals

homerless dinner

Pobrecito Schwab

Rob G. y Victor


City decor


China banks

statues somewhere

Victor on some weird instrument

Veronica on some weird pose

LA bound

John Starr helpin a brother on some motion graphics

laptop geekin

Mike McMullen & friend at the blockhead show

Blockhead & DJ Signify


and thats about it. going filming some more with victor, rob, and obi. time to hit the road this post has been holding back the sesh.. until next time..