Monday, July 30, 2007

rest easy weekend

So over this past weekend, the crew and myself decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of filming all day. Saturday i just lounged around the town going grocery shopping (but not buying too much because these fools will eat all my sh*t), eating out, and plotting what was to be done. Brandon hit me up around noon on saturday like "Im going to get a new computer right now!".. luckyyyyy! So we have our editing machine now, a couple songs to use (with the proper permissions.. boo ya), and all the footage we really need. I guess ben and brandon are going to go out while i am at work today. We have 1 more roll of super8 to develop. Things are shaping up..

Sunday, we all just chilled out completely. Ben, Brandon, Me, Lee, and our lady friends went to the trading post at fairfax high which is basically a swap meet they have every sunday until 4pm. I bought some old 8mm films that i dont have a projector for.. yet. But i will find one (maybe). One of them said "Arlington" so im praying that i came up on some creepy old footage of arlington national cemetery. After that we hit melrose and Mao's restaurant for lunch. I guess it was kind of like what normal person who doesnt skate his life away would do on the weekend, which is highly unusual for us, but nice. Sunday night we headed over to the knitting factory to see DEVIN THE DUDE play!! It was freshh.. I didnt take too many photos really, but i have a couple to show and tell you about.

I printed this out at work and drew all over it. Thats about it. Pretty lame story.

This package came from Rob G. It contained the following: 6 packets of green tea, 3 sticks of Nag Champa incense, 2 q-tips (that were immediately used), a deshi sticker, a cd of footage, and a note written on the package. The clips are grrrrrreat! (you'll see)

Brandons cat "Smoki" moved into my underwear drawer.

Devin The Dude.

Mo Devin..

and Roadhouse just sent me this..

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