Thursday, May 31, 2007

Haffey's Back(nugen)

In celebration of finally talking to Chris Haffey after having been gone for a few weeks, i am going to post this picture of this rugged ledge he did.. Mike Obedoze souled it in "2feet" and here is Chris' back nugen done 1st try, and i still managed to get a decent pic.. go me, and go Haffey, and go brandon filming..

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

memorial day WEAK end

well.. we didnt skate once over the 3 day weekend. awesome. should make that whole "rush to get things done" thing going. its ok though because we all had time to relax, let the bodies heal, and i still had to move alot of my crap from the westminster house. Lee had a random hip injury the spawned from an ingrown hair follicle getting infected, ben's been struck by cupids arrow so hes been out of the game for about 2 weeks now, rachard is on top of the "superflake" list with randy and charlie, dominic has been M.I.A. for about a month now, and the last i heard chris haffey won a comp in russia and scotland.. and my clothes are still at his apartment.. we still didnt get film either, so the trailer is gonna be delayed a little longer (i know.. sorry), but hey.. so what? anyways, back to what we DID do.. which was kinda just hang out. Brandon and myself organized clips and arranged computer space issues, my cousin mikey helped me set up the editing space at the Blacktory, we went out saturday night, and the rest of the time was just spent driving around to get food and looking for spots. now its that time again.. PICTURE TIME!! here ye goes..

I saw this lad while driving home from work on friday..

The dudes.. Negrete, My gay looking ass, Mikey, and Ben

Sat night crew.. Brandon, Liz, Mikey, Ben, Jen..

Mikey and Ben.

Mike, Negrete, and Me Blacktory chillin late saturday night.

negrete late saturday..

Late night Lonnie

flower slanger..

East LA mural.

When the mariachis werent playing they were drinking alcohol or talking on their cell phones.. then theyd come back in right on time then go right back to their phone or drinks.. it was one of those "you had to be there" things i guess, but it was hilarious.

My phone is broke so i have to open and close it a billion times to get the screen to turn on.

Negrete Y Liz (thanks for helping with the photos Liz)

Negrete and I got the super mexican slushie drinks. Mine came with a fat Lucas candy coated straw.

This punk-ass bee was all up on me till i gave it the smackdown with negretes notebook.

thug love on the corner.

cool closed business painting.

outside the Blacktory..

back to the skatepark..

and that pretty much sums up the weekend. Thanks alot to Lee for letting me and brandon crash so much. we appreciate it for realllllls.. and thanks to Liz for showin us the hotspots for food, partying, etc.. hopefully ill have some blading to report soon...

Friday, May 25, 2007

more random pics..

whenever i dont have much to report i am going to just post random photos all shot during the production of Fade Nation.. so here you go.. lotsa randoms here..

Alex Miranda coined the term "Fade Nation" so you can talk to him if it "sounds stupid" (which it doesnt)

fellow 8-5er m-f, randy spizer and I do alot of ichatting while we work. sometimes we hang out and party. we never really skate though :(

Rachards a little out of focus but check out the background.. you have "weird staring guy" and then you have "weird face made while dry humping on the dance floor guy." Look at em go..

FRSH Joe Navran.

Kevin Gillan and his twin brother Sean. Its really his twin brother too, im not just making that up.

as i write this i still have my dirty clothes at chris's apartment going on week 3.. i think chris has been to russia, china, and possibly a couple other countries since my mess invaded.. sorry ill come get it soon.

Huntington Beach pier

we went to woodward west for a comp.. arlo was there.

matt yakked on the way.

it looked all scenic in the morning

and thats about it for now.. hope you enjoyed them. more to come soon? you better believe it. Trailer coming soon too, im not just saying that, i scolded negrete for not going to get super 8 film..

but next week..

itll be cool..

youll see.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

over the weekend..

i mentioned something about skating with Steven and Ryan and Lee.. well here are some of th pics i shot while there.. we only had 1 camera that day, so i took some photos whenever i wasnt doing rolling shots.. check emm..

steven, ryan, lee.. somewhere in socal (im not telling)

Lee found a sick roof gap.

and he did this thingy..

we took sunday off because it was a hectic week for me.. i had to move from the westminster house back to LA.. more coming soon!

devin the dizzude

so everyone knows that gettin music rights for videos is kind of a bitch nowadays.. not really much you can do about it.. however, since this blog is to be keeping up to date with whats going on, i might as well keep you up to date with some of our top musician picks.. i will start off with none other then "Devin The Dude" who recently came out with a new album called "Waitin To Inhale." You can catch up on basically most of the Dudes career right here.. enjoy.

Devin The Dude (Click Me)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

finally playing catch up...

soooooooo time to get this blog thingy goin.. weve already been filming for about 3 months every weekend, and about once during the week maybe.. but basically all we have is saturday and sunday. We were keeping the project low-pro until we got a bit further and really decided to do it.. but weve gotten to that point so i guess i can just let the photos kinda do the telling so far.. i apologize for the lack of skate pictures because i only really take them if we have 1 camera.. which is whenever we cannot borrow rachards gl2.. but i hope you enjoy and after this initial "catch up" post i will be keeping you updated more daily..

wax on..

Rachard backnugen thingy..

livin LARJ with the homie Bill Clinton..

chuck-e-cheese skate..

the dude who works at this chuck-e-cheese is not a blader fan.

Dominic hurls then gets a fresh gap 2 soul clip.

Blacktory chillin..

i get alot of work done in my sleep.

The spot we skated when ben was ready came complete with crack-smoking-at-the-bottom-of-the-stairs bums.. always a nice touch..

the Skatepark

Brandon double fisting the margaritas.

JC is 23

Scwabby TTS's

Victor (whos last name we keep forgettin) & Lee Martin.. expect to see alot more of these 2 SoCal natives..

JC, KG, & LARJ @ AC..

Haffey vs. Roommate

We went out to Detroit bar and there was an Abstract Rude show.. cool.

we take turns driving..


Dom Sagoners..

1 gallon of gas > dv tape (almost)

The Haffey vs. The Schwab