Thursday, January 24, 2008

SF mission

So i know i promised i wouldnt lag too hard on the sf stuff, so here it goes. Me, Negrete, Lee, and Victor headed up to "the city" around 9 pm. We arrived at our hotel around 3:30 in the morning with enough energy to make a late night donuts excursion. A couple of jelly donuts and a hot choco later and we were all passed out.. we woke up and skated and stuff but i guess ill slow down there and lets the pics do the talking..

Random Sign holder dude who is entirely too juiced on his bullshit job.

so Victor has missed the train to our place about 20 times already.. but its cool because he will always figure out a ride anyways..

pre-mission diagnostic checks by negrete

victor y negrete pre-drive-gaming

When your driver looks like this your best bet is to do whatever you have to do so you can sleep through the drive

i was gonna give this picture i painted to whoever wanted it when we got the SF but i forgot it at home. oops.

jerky aisles rule..

i cannot stress enough the importance of beef jerky as it applies to a road trip

I dont even think we were anywhere close to route 66 here..

Lee and his "sitting in the car for 4 more hours" supplies

we saw this funny franco-shadish looking beanie at the rest stop too

Lee's all smiles upon our 3am arrival.

we stayed at this hotel which had a very shining-like hallway, but it wasnt as weird and creepy.

i dont really know whats goin on here..

"follow us"

Victor thought that bloody knuckles with the ground was a good idea until he lost pretty bad

this is where we stayed on night #2 at erik's place in the mission district..

they were probably all like "OOOOOHHHHHH!" at the pig dice game thing here

kick ass roommates whose names i already forgot but whos faces and kindness i will not.

the pig dice rolling game goes off here in the kitchen..

The stakes got pretty high by the end of the game..

I dont really remember what we were watching, but im gonna go with blader videos

this remote is pretty hard to lose in the cracks of the sofa

Baileys "blade or die" tat..

ice cream line.. we actually waited about 45 mins for the ice cream.. but its supposed to be "the bomb"

Mitchells is supposedly the best ice cream in the US.. maybe the world. Im not too sure because i didnt see the special on the travel channel that everyone was talking about, but the ice cream was pretty damn good. And since we dont have a picture now is a good time to preach the word of "goood frickin chicken" which was also right up the street and very goood. And the 3 o's are not mistakes, thats how it is spelled.

we all scream

Lee tearin up the mitchells..

Come to think of it victor should have used the ice cream on his hand..

This huge ass bus was parked in front of the eriks place the whole time we were there.

pretty sf street corner on the way to phils coffee which is really good

Im boycotting the new rambo in theatres because they used that lame ass "let the bodies hit the floor" song in the trailer.

framebolt hunt

still lookin..

good thing we found medical supplies in the trunk for victors beat up hand

these are the dudes to blade with

grind it.. we found this in lee's trunk while i was looking for bolts (that i never found)

EB on driver duty

backseat drivers

pretty dock picture by Lee

I see Adam more lately that my friends who live in america.. but its sweeet cuz hes a cool dude who doesnt bitch about people not hucking death gaps and drop rails.. he just shoots what people skate (other photographers take note). You go boy.

Skatin on the dock of the bay..

jeff Stockwell front nugen

Erik stache adjustin at 3rd & _____

TA on the walllll

Victor on the skate mechanic tip

Jeff stockwell bs-bs

reverend red and myself

Erik checkin the spot..

Lee ruined his favorite marc jabos shirt.. bummer.

zero aotp..

Erik Bailey full crab true mistrial to finish off a line

Bay bridging it up..

Bay bridge view of the skyyyy..

Backseat origami

Leaving makes me sad.

Chief Victor GalĂ­cia.

Exiting "the city" and going back to Los Angeles.

So thats about it for our SF mission. I hope the pictures will suffice, uploading them was a pain. We hope to go back to sf soon but we'll see how that turns out when the time comes. The skating was amazing thanks to jeff and erik and everyone else who came out. Thanks to them for the sleeping space as well. Thanks for reading this crap. We also filmed alot of this stuff so hopefully we have an edit soon.. fade nation 2 underway..