Sunday, December 28, 2008

Too Faded Extras Edit

This is a section of leftover clips from Too Faded. This will be on your Fade Nation DVD as well.

Too Faded Extras 08 from Fade Nation on Vimeo.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Summer Vacation Video (Unreleased 2004)

So I (Lonnie) made a video in 2004 that i filmed over an extended summer vacation. I lived in Austin, Texas at the time. From there i went to NYC, Chicago, San Diego, LA, Houston, Lake Owen, and ended up living an Dallas, Texas after all that. Not alot of people have really seen it, and i only made 200 dvd copies that i sold mostly at skateparks and to a couple shops. I was inspired because of this excerpt from Robert Guerrero's blog..

"Another friend I can travel back in time with and do some business blading with is Lonnie Gallegos... I was lucky enough to be in the Los Angeles area hook up with Lonnie as well as J.C. Rowe and Kevin Gillan. Before this day I did not have any clips for this video, and it would have been the first video of Lonnies I had never not been if I didn’t meet him this day, get in the zone, and handle some business. And I did just that. Suprisingly the first line I did, I ended up doing first try which is pretty unheard of. Well, it is more unhear of as Lonnie will know from his past experiences filming many sections with me. I almost jinxed myself ont he last trick on the line because it was going so well. I for some reason have this self destructing habit of messing myself up via my thoughts right before im about to finish or complete a task of any kind. And it came up like the great wall of china, but I relaxed and busted right through it looking up at lonnie after with a face of astonishment at what had just occured. He had the same face as well and was in utter disbelief at what had just happened. Thank god too, because chances are I would have probaly said “one more time,” which would have resulted in serious frustration not only on myside but im sure lonnies as well. Or actually mostly mine, Lonnie is actually a really good sport when it comes to skaters taking hours to do just one trick. Thanks for all those times you were patient while I got lost in my mind and all the vicious cyclic patterns I ahve been known to go through."

So heres that entire video in sequential order. Including a rarely seen Robert Guerrero Profile and a section of me skating. Weird.


John Sullivan, Brian Moore, Fritz Peitzner


Chase Rushing & Michael Stein

Jayson Reduta

Lake Owen


Matt Moya


Long Rails

Robert Guerrero


Lonnie Gallegos


and thats that.. hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chris Haffey likes our video!


so yea.. if you wanna get juiced to blade it haffey style check us outtt!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Too Faded Trailer

trailer upload post

in case you were wondering, were still here, i did lose my photo camera though. hence the lack of anything here. But i have since got a new jam (the $89 black friday special) so yea.. the trailer is uploading right now.. its 4:12 am.. i got 8 minutes to get something ready. but umm.. heres some semi pointless pics..

we got stickerssss.. the good vinyl kind too.. JC made them for us at his work..

"YOU'RE NOT SHOWING ME ANYTHING NEW IM FROM REDONDO BEACH MAN!" -homeless guy to the crew when we were blading in austin circa 97

DTLA and water

Lee in the studio


please hold....