Monday, July 30, 2007

rest easy weekend

So over this past weekend, the crew and myself decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of filming all day. Saturday i just lounged around the town going grocery shopping (but not buying too much because these fools will eat all my sh*t), eating out, and plotting what was to be done. Brandon hit me up around noon on saturday like "Im going to get a new computer right now!".. luckyyyyy! So we have our editing machine now, a couple songs to use (with the proper permissions.. boo ya), and all the footage we really need. I guess ben and brandon are going to go out while i am at work today. We have 1 more roll of super8 to develop. Things are shaping up..

Sunday, we all just chilled out completely. Ben, Brandon, Me, Lee, and our lady friends went to the trading post at fairfax high which is basically a swap meet they have every sunday until 4pm. I bought some old 8mm films that i dont have a projector for.. yet. But i will find one (maybe). One of them said "Arlington" so im praying that i came up on some creepy old footage of arlington national cemetery. After that we hit melrose and Mao's restaurant for lunch. I guess it was kind of like what normal person who doesnt skate his life away would do on the weekend, which is highly unusual for us, but nice. Sunday night we headed over to the knitting factory to see DEVIN THE DUDE play!! It was freshh.. I didnt take too many photos really, but i have a couple to show and tell you about.

I printed this out at work and drew all over it. Thats about it. Pretty lame story.

This package came from Rob G. It contained the following: 6 packets of green tea, 3 sticks of Nag Champa incense, 2 q-tips (that were immediately used), a deshi sticker, a cd of footage, and a note written on the package. The clips are grrrrrreat! (you'll see)

Brandons cat "Smoki" moved into my underwear drawer.

Devin The Dude.

Mo Devin..

and Roadhouse just sent me this..

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Josh Martinez

So I heard back from Josh Martinez to confrim his involvement with the nation. If you dont know who Josh is, he's a cool underground rapper from BC, Canada. You will hear him in the near future while watching Fade Nation. New Song too! Jeah. Check out his website below for videos, photos, and to listen to Josh if you are unfamiliar (which you shouldnt be).

Josh Martinez Websiiiiiiite!

Monday, July 23, 2007

super ketchup

So i know i have to catch everyone up to speed. Its been about a week since ive put anything up here and im feelin like a lazy motherf*cker about it. But to be fair, Rachard "borrowed" the cord to my camera, and now claims that it is his and he never borrowed mine, but i dont really care because i have a media stick reader at work. However, the media stick reader does not read the little media sticks, so i have to put it into a converter one to make it work, and i lost that converter for a couple days. But i finally found it so heres whats been goin on in that week that i was getting all the trailer stuff together (which is why i was ctually so busy in the 1st place).

My family kidnapped me and made me go to my cousins birthday in Chula Vista. If i had known there was a skatepark at the park the party was, i could have bladed with these dudes. Instead we just talked for a bit and i got my blader fix for the day.

I straight up rock the 8-5er, but i can dress however i want. But sometimes as a mockery i dress in full on worker style complete with company t-shirt. If i had a phone clip on my belt i would be 100%. This is basically the opposite of casual friday, and i really just do it to make everyone in the office look at me weird.

Lee in the baby seat after we saw "Paris je taime" (spelling?) which is a pretty cool movie if you dont mind subtitles (which i dont). And were not gay, we didnt just go together in case you were gonna try and call us out.

But if you did want to try and call me out on being gay (which im not, but in LA you have to be open minded about that kind of stuff), heres all the ammunition you will ever need.

Anyways.. Haffeys been coming out and killing it. Him and Lee skate well together which makes for some stunt-fueled, motorcross type sh*t.

Camera, skates, beats, water, wax.. check. Lets do this.

Haffey reminding skatestoppers that they cant stop us and need to f*ck off already.

Lee needs new skates. Bummer.

Should i just gap it?

Yes... you should fakie 360 the sh*t out of it.

Great job team.

Bored? Do a backslide i guess..

Jug nutsack protector.


1mogain. LA.

and yea.. hopefully were all caught up now. We learned about big fakie 3's, (not)gay cameramen, and over a weeks worth of our random lives.


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mid-week blading update

So Brandon and Lee ventured out to Orange County on Tuesday. Basically everything was a bust except for a little rail in the park in Santa Ana. Lee and Victor both got cool clips despite a dirt road approach. They did manage to kidnap Victor and bring him back to LA though. They also went skating yesterday (wednesday) and got some really cool stuff too. All of these pics were taken while i was at work (lucky SOB's). The clips from this day are cool too. Lee did a cool line and Victor got a cool move on the wiggly blue rails.. picsssssssss.

Victor doesnt have a car and lives really far, so we pick him up and film him doing stuff (poetry is back in).

OC spotcheckin.

Get a new job cockblocker.

EL POLLO LOCO! (if youve seen the commercials you should be laughing)

Handsome Boy Modeling School

Victor strappin up.

White-trash seagull


Santa Monica beach.

Lee had a tire blow-out.

Victor and Brandon handling that bizzzzzzz

at the wiggly blue rails (i dont know the spots official name)

Instant Replay

Success feels fantastic sometimes.

Victor, Lee, and Smoki (the cat).

All for now.. were still on that trailer.. although we are beginning to sound like a broken record. enjoy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

mid-week lagger update

So i know we havent updated this thing in awhile but weve been keeping busy trying to get this thing done. Trailer is basically done, i just need to do some titles. Since we were working on getting things organized (capturing, naming, organizing clips, looking for music, trying to get our myspace looking cooler, and catching up on sleep) we didnt go filming skating. We did go check out the biggest graffiti piece in the world by "Saber" on sunday. It was a bit of a hike to find it, but a little google earthing and we found it no sweat. Picture time! Smile!

I came home and saw Brandon like this and he had like 3/4 of a trailer done and it's TIIIIITE.

Then i played with it for a sec..

While Lee drew pictures.

On the way to the Saber piece.

Theres a traincar in the back.. look how small it is in comparison.

and this was Tyler and Artem on the way back.

theres writing on the wall.

have a good day :)

More soon i promise!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Octopus Project

If you havent heard of this group by now, you must not be keepin up with your blader video music. Chris Farmer in Feet, now Erik Bailey's got a part with one of their songs too. Needless to say this band pretty much rules. I saw them open for Four Tet a couple years back in Austin and bought their cd from them because i thought they were really good. Well they still are really good so check their site. They have videos and mp3's and other stuff too.

The Octopus Project

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

in sequential order

so this post is the pictures that were taken from a friday around 10 a.m. until sunday night at around midnight. Im going to post them in the order they were taken, and attempt to explain whats goin on.. ok here we go.

Brian used to be Mindgames only employee. He now works with me and Kevin. He is really punny and helps me survive the 8-5 m-f thing.

and of course KG helps keep me in line too..

i keep busy at work.

This taco spot is the sh*t. Soto st. & Whittier Blvd. in East Los Angeles early saturday afternoon.

If you are having trouble finding it, look for the dinosaur.

Charging our batteries.

I think jeff took this.

i know jeff did this true soul in the middle of a line.


this spot is reallllllly fun. but i dont wanna tell you where its at.

Marcus Benevides (spelling) chillin at the aforementioned spot.

Jeff and JC hangin outtt at the Blacktory.

Kevin and Marcus

This is Jeff Stockwell (duh), i think hes thinking.

And this is JC, but I dont think hes thinking too much.

Brnadon catchin the instant replay.. and this ends saturday.

Sunday started off at a cool line spot where JC got a really cool line, but we all needed to eat after that so we went to little tokyo. This is ben on the way there.

When we got there someone yelled "JC" out of nowhere. It turned out to be Dan Busta who was chillin with Ryan Schude (2 of the main Daily Bread Photographers). They noticed the "medium" shirt i let JC borrow. They shoot hot girls now i guess.

I ate sushi in little tokyo and then ben did a cool gap to backslide.

Where everyones relaxed but noone can sit still.

Lee, Ben, JC, Tyler, Brandon, Artem.

Ben y Artem.

Brandon, JC, Tyler, and bens guitar hangin out in the back.

Then Lee's friend Natalie came over with some random 16mm film that she found for him and it just so happened that Jesus just gave negrete at 16mm projector. There were some issues at first, but we eventually got it working before i passed out.

and i know i keep saying trailer soon, but its close. add us on the and we will appreciate it.