Sunday, June 29, 2008

morestuff fromtoday

so this is pretty much a breakdown of today..

negrete has a theory that next friday is funnier than the original friday, and after some viewings id have to agree. needless to say this shirt was a sweet find.

it even had chico on the back..

jc came over cuz he was at haffeys and they live close by

then obidobe came over to go blading

then we went to a skatepark somewhere in south central then to a post office where the cops came 2 cars deep to kick us out before we ended up here

and some dude tried to tell us to move on out

but jc told him the light was too good and that we needed so if he could move we would leave soon

then we got the photo here. aotp.

pretty scenery

and thats about it for today. fun stuff. thanks for stoppin by.


artshow and today n stuff

like the title says. the mr brainwash artshow pics and some blading pics from today and a couple randoms.. check em.

mr. brainwash elvis gun guitar stuff

marylin mocks

stack of books with laptop on top..

run dmc.. all the black parts are not paint but glued on broken record pieces.. pretty cool

elvis and billie holiday (good call shannon).. same fresh broken record deal

old woman portrait with wolverine superimposed


marylin thingy

haffey TA in downtown metro

KG on the drop off bs roy and me on the late snap

byron ditch drop in

negrete and byron angle peeping

negrete packin up

my OG film splicer

hoodstyles analog film editing station

mexican xsjado shoes i saw in a magazine my stepmom had

wordd.. more updates soon. thanks for stoppin by and checkin us outt.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

today and other stuff

went blading today. me negrete and kevin gillan met up with jc and obidobe. lotsa good stuff went down. heres the pics from today + other randoms.

jc mute topsoul

kg wearin a new black fabric shirt i made



obi helpin a brother out

jc negative mistrial droppery rail



lee in sf

me in sf


i wasnt joking about my car being shot

lee took this

schudes pinata party

shima and haffey at schudes party thingy

attempt at capturing super8 in our dirtbaggy kitchen

negretes camera is fixed as mine becomes un-usable

me & lee in sf from themgoods blog..

themgoods blog has way better pictures that ours do, but what they failed to mention is that i was laying in poop right here which is clearly an important detail

aaand thats about it.. i made some new black shirts. i will post pics of them here and on the black blog and on soon.. word.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The hardest part about rollerblading..

i thought this was kind of funny..

not gay

but supportive
(demitri martin joke)


Thursday, June 12, 2008


so im a bad blogger sorry about that. Good news is that we've been skating. And the really good news is that i have a present. Download my Bladelist right here.

Its a playlist of music from old blading videos. All the song names are changed to the name of the sections theyre from.

Big thanks to Billy Kostka for hosting this for me. He also has a free blader video he made on the net. Completely free and legit to download. Just click here to download Not A Lifeboat

More coming soon.