Friday, June 8, 2007

this week..

We've been particularly busy. Between cleaning, working, testing film, getting film developed, more working, hurting our bodies, and trying to get "promotional" things in place, weve been laggin on this blog thing-a-ma-jig. Brandon picked up the test super 8 rolls that we shot and we got some good stuff. Some color, some black and white, it all looks good, we just have to master transferring it with the proper colors now.. anyhow, heres a little review of how sh*t's been goin down.

Lee had a staff infection on his hip and spent like 5 days in the hospital. He still had an IV on for 2 days after he got out.. gross.

Straight west coastin..

Lee roofin it up..

walking around on the way to get dinner..

Ours is too!

see you guys after the weekend..

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