Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Saturday and Funday!

This weekend was super productive and very fun at the same time. A rare mix of events that is always welcome. Saturday we skated with Ben and Lee and Artum came out to hang and add moral support/good vibes. We headed inland to a school that we have to go back to so Ben can do this one line thats gonna be super rad. It just wasnt gonna happen that day cuz of no sleep + partying + not skating in 2 weeks.

Then on sunday we skated LA.. We just drove up sunset and found a ledge that goes up and back down at a 90 degree corner (terrible explenation) but Ben and Dominic both got hot clips there.. then we found a school with some nice 8 or 9 stair ledges and a gate thingy next to it that with some minor altering, we made skateable. Everyone got cool clips here.. Nick Rother, Lee, and ben all got some cool stuff there.. but yea, picture time..

ben and artum on the way out..

driving duty..

rude ben

reebok pumps

Artum (sp?) on the moral support tip

smoke break.

ben is a really messy burrito eater

ash accident

Negrete y Dominico

Sunset Blvd.

Although there are no witnesses, i have been watching enough Law and Order SVU to figure this one out.. dude gets too drunk riding his bike, falls over, feels sleepy, says "fuckit," and here we are.. 6th & Alameda LA,CA.

footage capture and re-cap.. Ben, Dom, Lee, and Nick

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Taylor said...

ben looks like he could use a good shave