Monday, June 4, 2007

the weekend warriors

So this weekend Ryan Northway told me he was gonna be in San Diego and so I (Lonnie) met Negrete at Haffey's place so we could head out to SD. Turn out i have a flat, so Brandon gets driving duty, but he needs oil so we hook all that up and drive the 2 hour mission to San Diego. We decided to meet at Jan's where Stockwell and Shima live. Jeff is still in Europe though, and Brian is nowhere to be seen, Jon Elliots hangin out, but the only person i see blading is Jan. So were trying to figure out the sesh but nobody is around. I mean we called half of San Diego looking for people to skate with.. no dice. Maybe we should planned earlier? Hell no. Because it wouldve turned out the same anyways. So back to the lack of session, we just took Northway and his entourage (which included his cousin, a friend, and ryans gf) to a ledge spot where he did a cool fishbrain.

Here is Ryans crew, minus his boo..

After the fishy we decided to get more fishy and eat sushi. Sushi deli is the best place in SD, probably the US (seriously), and its cheap as hell.. score. Peep my grub..

and brandon grubbin..

our key grip (aka my cousin Mikey)

he watches traffic, help with keeping the Blacktory clean, and handles grip duties (i.e. "Quick Mikey i need the super 8!!) heres Mikey G. puttin in work upon our 1 a.m. return from SD..

The next Day we headed out to the infamous Westminster house to skate with Rachard and JC.

aka sizzle-chest.

we all agreed that we should probably eat 1st though..

so they went to quiznos (i hate that place though.. i got some bagel sandwich next door)..

JC has a new pro wheel from Eulogy! peep game.. im gonna need some soon guys, my Rachard wheels are wearing down, and i gave my Lievanos wheels to Lee so just think about that ;)

JC did the sickest zero back royale right here.. wait till you see the clip.. he grabbed that sh*t.. looks all floaty JC-ish..

Then we went to this gate thingy at a church on a sunday (sounded like a bad idea, but it worked out) and Rachard got some hot clips and JC did this zero ao-fishy.. once again the $$.

Then we ended the day with dinner at the Gypsy Den where Schwab works to eat and shoot super 8.. sunday ruled.

ok so.. that took a couple days and sorry for the lag.. were busy.. more soon?! hopefully..

p.s. add us on the space..

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BorisG said...

Hey, that shit is mad cool! JC's tricks - can't wait to see them!

Best regards, Boris.