Saturday, September 13, 2008

twerkin on it

things are finally coming together as of late. last week was a pretty big "strikes and gutters" week for me. I bought a 1TB hard drive then dropped it a couple days later.. super bummer. i had some really cool stuff on it, but luckily there was nothing on it that was irreplaceable. so i just bought 2 new drives to fix that little bump.. ones a 320gb and the other a tb. should do the trick. anyways, the strikes of the week were the footage we got from new jersey courtesy $ean Money, and the package Kenny Owens sent me.. It contained 1 copy of Say Word 3, and a tape full of montre clip that had us all sitting here going "WHOAAAAAAAAATTT?!" (thats like a combo word of whoa, and what, but said all elongated cuz we were excited).. heres picss.

Say Word 3 front and back cover.

from Jerseyyy

I <3 NJ



tapes and motavation

kg on the wheeeel

haffey works the angles

shima LA royale

shima fakie 5

steeze check

and thats about it for now i guess weve been footage transferring all day trying to get these drives on point but that just means web edits and trailers soon hooray thanks for checkinnn us.


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