Thursday, September 11, 2008


An email i received..

"hey guys,

we just came back from the ignition tour.
On this tour we went to eastern europe (sarajevo, belgrade....).
Enanoh filmed a lot for fade nation on this tour, so i thought it would be cool to send you some pics so you can update your blog with that?

If youre interested let me know and give a mail address where to send the pics!

The clips are getting captured right now and i will upload them as soon as possible!


ok so Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina and Serbia footage.. and i didnt even know what countries those cities were in i had to google it, get it wrong, get b*tched at by people who live there (thanks for reading our blog though from that far away), then re-edit my post.. but here they are.. All pictures by Felix Strosetzki

i guess dont ask just eat..

nutella is like the mcdonalds of sandwich spreads

this spot needs to be closer to us

the beach far from california


big backroyale

steeze check


not too sure..

ice grill

im guessing a bummer on a camping mish

i guess this is Lonnie, right? jaja how are you doing man? miss fighting with you dude... what have u been up to this summer? i just arrived from the ignition tour... was bad ass.
Well, just in case Brandon don't check his myspace here i let you attatched some clips from the tour!"

thanks alot enanoh and Ignition


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