Wednesday, September 3, 2008

business as regualr

lots and lots of work (and sometimes not so much) going on lately. weve been filming tons. not taking so many photos, but weve managed to snap a couple here and there.. anyone who wants to contribute can do so by contacting us and on myspace or here or if you know us call us or email us. but yea were taking stuff now.. Kenny Owens is coming through proper. he just came out with a new video called Say Word 3 so check that out i heard it has alot of good footage but im not too sure because i havent received my copy yet (hint hint) sorry for the ramble heres pictures..

montre was here coutesy nimh™. hes awesome as im sure you already know

and the ladies man.. "loseyourmans.."


deer in la..

montre peepin the spott

through the little holes in the poles


gettin jc movin

pornstar squared

this old dude was like "ill jump off that for $20"

then montre 360'd the sh*t out of it

security dude had a pretty manly keyring

impreach on brother

the old dude who was gonna bust the jump for a dub called montre "TRAP" when he misheard Tre.. TRAP kinda stuck though and replaced "city boy"

lee eating cereal off a plate with a fork.. hes kinda my hero sometimes

me if i was a golden statue

kevin gillan has been getting dirty lately. this is kinda just playtime practice type stuff.


jc's been coming out alot. he only has sunday and monday off from work so our scheduling is semi-off. but when we do get out he handles bizzz.. here alleyoopmakio to start a line


kg fish


zero neg ao mak

steeze check

i guess thats about it for now. dont forget to contact us to contribute footage. mini dv format for those who have better cameras than we do. thanks for checkin..

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