Sunday, September 14, 2008

sunday sunday sunday

so skating today started out at around 5 which is usually when everyones finally over it but it actually didnt happen like that and it somehow worked. erik stokley and ben stewart have been coming out on the sessions lately which is cool.. anyways we found some cool stuff to blade on eventually and everyone had fun and i took some pictures so here they are..

me and lee went to check out the fairfax high swap meet around noon..

the license plate says "tymecar"

this bum was straight up sleeping on the side of the highway..

the bum sleeping on the freeway and the mexican flag waving had me feelin like i was actually in mexico

insa up on melrose..

when me and lee got home JC and nick were waiting for us outside.. thankfully our timing was good and we went out and found this gem of a spot. jc-alleyoop3

negrete on the angles

lee goes fakie over the light in the frsh larj usd's

jc erik and ben poolside

its lee martinez when hes on the east side

jc the lifeguard

stokley over the rail to start the line

lalalalalalalalala view from the east

thanks again for checkin us.. video en route..


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