Monday, December 7, 2009

weekend wrap-up

Soooo there was much business to be tended to over the weekend. First and foremost I had to get Rob G. back to the SF area on saturday.

A few minutes online and a virgin america ticket later and rob was home for less than the gas to drive would've cost.. plus saves us all 6 hours or so of car-time.. SCORE!

Rob managed to give himself a haircut sometime in between friday night and saturday morning and when i woke up i saw a freshly hairstyled Rob G. packing up his things.

then off to the port..

Krasnogorsk-3 16mm

HDV, 16mm, Super8mm.. step your multi-format game up

After that it was time to handle all the capturing, properly renaming clips and gathering all the film that needs to be transferred ready. Doesn't sound too bad, but organization is a dreadful process for myself to confront. Anyhow, saturday down, moving on to sunday.

Sunday was to be the last day i spent filming. Victor and I met up with Jeremy Soderburg, Anthony Williams, Anthony Gallegos and Greg aka Stepdad.

Half the sunday crew..

Not knowing what to expect we rolled out to a rail at a bank, and found a sweet fence that a car had knocked over and created a cool blade obstacle, then off to another rail before Anthony (Williams) had to leave for work..

Anthony Williams

Victor makes the special cigarettes

beat provider

The knocked over fence deal i was talking about

Anthony Williams Torqueee

Anthony Gallegos (no relation that we know of) negative fishy

Anthonelli Torquee

Anthony Williams at the last spot

obedoza also stopped by for a few days during the week..

no sleep till....

and thats about it for the weekend. Big thanks to Soderburg, Victor, and Rob G for the pictures. Also to the 2 Anthony's for blading.. Time to watch dexter while clips are converting.. Then dropping off more super8, all whilst editing in between. Hooray for a busy day..


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