Saturday, December 12, 2009

film transferrr

One of my favorite things and least favorite things to do is transfer film. Watching the film is great. Nothing beats the projected image, look, and colors associated with shooting on film. However, it is a huge process for me to actually get it transferred and digitized (but it definitely beats paying for it). So i guess this is a bit of an insight on the dreaded film transfer day..

Since i actually started getting super-dirty on the editing, my place has become an absolute mess of cords, film reels, cameras, etc..

But at least the weather was nice that day..

Get a new job dickweed

The drive to burbank usually kind of sucks because the drive though hollywood makes the highways a mess.. but thankfully we lucked out on some 10 a.m. nobody-is-driving-right-now

Fortunately for me, one of the last super8 developers/makers/suppliers is in driving distance from where i live. is their site and they have pretty much anything you'd need to shoot super 8.

Saw this on the way home.. You're welcome France.

This is actually the 16mm projector/film. But i transfer it the same way as the super8.

aaaaaand recording..

home sweet home

lunch for the pigeons

The Karate Guerrero

and the sweetest part of all is that when i captured everything, it was all cropped wrong.. so i get to do it all over again today! YES! (NOOOOOOO!)

wish me luck.


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