Thursday, December 3, 2009

SF & filming continues...

Over thanksgiving weekend Victor and myself decided to head up to San Francisco to chill, eat with my family, and kidnap Rob G. so we could bring him back to LA and finish filming his part. We literally planned nothing except for where to eat thanksgiving. So once we got the the city Victor Galicia and myself started our plan of attack. This started with a little hash, a sketchy cop scare, and nowhere to sleep. A few phone calls and a few hours later and we were headed to redwood city for the night. David and his gf misty hooked it up with some floor space and saved the night. In the morning we hit the skatepark before heading to the city where we were to meet with rob g at some point (but we did not plan when/where/how to meet). So after roaming the city for a few hours victor and myself ended up at the Free Gold Watch store right behind amoeba. After a small geek-out sesh with Matt the owner of free gold watch, we headed over to amoeba to look for some tunes. After roaming amoeba for a few we bumped into Ben Schwab and his friend Zara. They were going to some bar/concert thing which was a better plan then we had so we rolled with them. A few hours later Rob called us, we arranged a meeting place, and a few beers later enters Rob G. We crashed at Veronicas house that night with Ben and Zara with plans of morning blade. In the a.m. we got our stretch on and set out for what would be one of the best days ever. The kind of day where everything works out and everyone is happy. We found some sweet blade spots, no injuries, no kick-outs, perfect weather, perfect vibes. After that it was homeward bound with Rob G in shotgun and 7 hours later (even the holiday traffic couldnt ruin the perfect day) we were back in LA.. and now picture time!

No road trip is complete without car troubles

The randomest dude with a whole truck full of "fix your car" tools saved the day and pumped up our fully flat spare

dirtbag hands

almost done


thanksgiving day sunset

en route to SF

for real

Rooftop chillin

Ben y Zara

Veronica y Victor

heels for reals

homerless dinner

Pobrecito Schwab

Rob G. y Victor


City decor


China banks

statues somewhere

Victor on some weird instrument

Veronica on some weird pose

LA bound

John Starr helpin a brother on some motion graphics

laptop geekin

Mike McMullen & friend at the blockhead show

Blockhead & DJ Signify


and thats about it. going filming some more with victor, rob, and obi. time to hit the road this post has been holding back the sesh.. until next time..


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