Monday, April 28, 2008

im hungry, my back hurts, and im not high anymore, but portishead is here..

im hungry, my back hurts, and im not high anymore, but portishead is here.. this was pretty much the theme of mine and edru's night on thursday, april 24th. everyone was playing coachella over the past weekend so alot of bands come into town and play before/after the big festival. Its not big secret that i am a geeky-ass, super-portishead lover so I almost contemplated going just to see them play. But last monday i received an email from portishead saying that they would be playing in LA to rehearse for coachella. So i emailed my rsvp right away, and got a confirmation the morning of the show. Turns out its about 5 minutes from my house, score. So i leave work, get home, chief, forget my phone, and my camera, and head out. Upon my arrival i learned that i received the email because i am in the portishead fanclub.. awesome. So i only have my memories to serve me, and other peoples youtube videos, but thats ok because i had a friend of mine take pictures at coachella for me to give you somewhat of a visual for this post. The crowd i saw the show with was only about 300 people, so there was no big screen visual things, and i was only about 10 feet away from beth the whole time. But check out these pictures and vids theyre pretty cool..

Beth Gibbons

Beth and Geoff Barrow

Beth and the p3 logo

Adrian Utley


Cinematic Orchestra

Cinematic Orchestra again


Krafterk some more..

Heres a video from the show that i was actually at, it was pretty much shot about 15 feet to the right of where i was..

and this one too shot from the balcony on top of where i was..

Thanks alot to Sinziana for shooting these pictures you rule.. the show was amazing, adrian (the guitar player)was a little drunk, but it added personality, the bass player guy looked rad and totally had that "yea? so.." demeanor which was awesome, and i didnt think it was possible for beth gibbons to sound any better but in real life somehow she does.. pretty amazing stuff. anyhow, enough music dork out for now.

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