Monday, April 28, 2008

Back to the blading..

so weve been getting back to it lately. Lots of people have been wanting to come out and skate lately which is awesome because sometimes without the skater motivation there is no filmer motivation. But weve actually been defying the weekend laws and having really productive sundays. The re-emergence or ben schwab totally kicks ass.. Yesterday he did one of the coolest tricks ive seen since lee jumped over that wall to darkside fishy the better than sex rails. Obidobe and JC have been coming out and getting dirty lately too. JC must be hungry because hes got about five 1st try clips over the past 2 weekend, and none of them are easy or sloppy.. you know how JC is theyre all sick and floaty. Obi has been bringin his rad smiles all over the place and been doing lots of lines and stuff so thats cool. His friend Ryan Santos has been getting dirty too, his mini profile thingy is shaping up too nice.. byrons been coming out alot too when hes not winning the LA all day comps. but anyways now i feel like im writing or something throwing in too many adjectives.. so here some pictures its easier this way..

sick-zack and bryon

ryan santosss

truemisfit.. forrealll

anthony williams got the backup celly angle

snatchywaters on the 180 and negrete on the filmm

sick-zack used to live in austin when i did, but now hes all grownsed up and living in LA and still blading freshh..


lee marvin fakie5

steeze check

byron backroy



the sign on the way into this spot says "do not molest the ducks" in english not even in spanish where molestar or whatever means to bother..

JC through the rose lense

peep the thug-love in the back..

JC cool-ass-soyale



no joke..

cool so thats pretty much what weve been up to for the past 2 and a half weeks or so.. footage contributions are gonna be needed soon so if you and your friends wanna get down with the nation hit us up on the thanks.


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