Friday, August 17, 2007


So here we are at that point where things can and will go wrong, but they will usually find a way to get fixed, but the stress and time factors are working against us most of the time. Anyhow, weve manage to avert crisis and keep moving forward, while still smiling every now and then and still managing to get our fade on. Picture story time...

Michael Garlinghouse and the Minneapolis dudes sent over a tape. Good stuff of Michael, Kevin Meland (who helped keep me sane once on a random minneapolis mission), and Brett Dasovic came included. Thanks a ton Michael!

My friends from texas also sent me a tape. A couple Jason Howard moves and other H-Town shredders (im drawing a blank on names). Good stuff though. Thanks J-HO aka Jay Hills aka Tha J-Hound.

We started using a dv deck that KG came through with and the sh*t is tight. Its like a UFO control panel that pops out. Big thanks to Kevin for everything btw.. dude got me a job, drove me there for 3 months while i didnt have a car, sticks up for me everytime im about to get fired, kicks it on the regs, chiefs hard, teaches me everything he knows about to design, and is so down for the Fade Nation project. Thanks for everything Kevin. Sorry kinda went off topic there.. but heres negrete gettin his dj on with the "new to us" (but day of the rope old.. literally) dv deck.

So.. weve had the stuff kinda seperated onto 2 computers.. not entirely, but there was stuff on each of ours that the other did not have. Anyways, in the midst of attempting to gets things and what-not, i accidentally deleted like 50 clips.. SH*T!!! Well after digging around through cds and backed up stuff we only managed to lose 3 tricks of jeremy beightol (super bummer.. they were fresh). But heres me in my attempt to recover them but unfortunately, no dice.


Lee Martin Arts.

Michael Gorsky foooootage while Brandon cleans up the Blacktory. Good Chase Rushing, Michael Stein, Fritz P. stuff included.

bruce LEE

We like to treat ourselves every now and then.. Negrete opted for the Gin & Juice snoopy dog style..

Me.. yup.

1/4 Negrete face.

Lee watched the kitties and scrubs while we went out. Turn 21 already dude..

I look like im at a rave..

and that about it for now.. we got most everything covered.. the disc and cover art go out today, dvd on monday. Premier in 2 weeks (August 31st)... downtown LA-ish area.. start planning to be out there that night.

Thanks for reading stoppin by again..


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