Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Footage Collecting

Last week Lee and I went to pick up some new skates(thanks phillip and USD). The only problem was that they were sent to Haffeys house in Ontario so we had to ride out early to beat the traffic.

Picked up the goods.

Out the box.

Bakers stop.

Then we were off to Laguna to meet up with Marcus and get some of his footage from Carl Sturgess. Ended up chilling at their place for most of the day watching HBO and waiting on Hot Carl.
Marcus and Crystal kickin it.

Carl and Alejoh. same angle

It was worth the wait when Carl broke us off with some sweet footage of Marcus. High quality stuff too. You know how Carl gets down. After diggin in the drives for awhile we ended up with grip of stuff from Stockwell and a couple others so it was definately a productive trip. Working hard out here. Whats this the third blog 15 minutes? Good luck on the Colorado roadtrip fellas.


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