Thursday, August 16, 2007

Black Lipstick

Back when i first saw The Octopus Project open for Four Tet in like 2002, i knew they were onto something. I bought their cd that they had (Identification Parade) and started digging around and looking for anything i could find by them.

Identification Parade Album Cover.

Along my search i found a cd they had made called "The Black Octopus Lipstick Project" which was a collaboration between them (The Octopus Project) and another band called "Black Lipstick." It turns out that Black Lipstick is from Austin (which is where i went to middle and high school) and also puts out really cool music. When i mentioned to Negrete that their label was being cool about The Octopus Project rights he was like "Wait, so we can use a Black Lipstick song? I really like those guys." I was like "Probably.." and then he disappeared.

Around $10 and 30 mins later we had their new album entitled "Sincerely, Black Lipstick" and it was on. Negrete Found a cool song and started cuttin up the part. Anyways, you can check them out here: Black Lipstick

After talking we secured both Black Lipstick and The Octopus Project to have songs in Fade Nation. YAY! Happy digging.
-Lonnie G.

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TIm said...

Lonnie your music'ness is fucking sweet. I swear after each video I end up chatting to you for hours about music because of songs I now love that you have introduced me too!