Friday, May 28, 2010

The Haps: Part 2

Aside from hangin around the city and working on GREEEEEEN I recently went to AZ with the USD all star dudes to film n hang out with Dustin Latimer. Its hard not to geek out when dustin starts skating.. He's still fun to watch.. So here's pics from that mission.. Stay tuned for an edit of DL n KG in AZ..

recently saw the Banksy film

then i saw some Banksy paint


demetrios en route to AZ

KG handlin..

cali mountains

Rachard Johnson

KG manned the wheel the whole trip.. Thanks dude..

erick in the backseat and me bored & on photoshop

i film stuff


D Latimer

yo y lil j's pup

me, kg, larj

reefer madness

breakin the law (in az)

Erick n them gold jug$

rachard, me, dl, demetrios @ sonic.. CHERRY LIMEADE!

Dustin Latimer

OK back to workin on this teaser.. See you guys tonight!


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