Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Haps: Part 1

Aside from putting the finishing touches on GREEN I've been participating in all sorts of fun activities. Here's some of whats been goin down..


super super 8

obi and jc share a sectoin in Fade Nation 3.. jc caught sleepin on the job here

Negrete had a birthday in there

sleeper dude guy

moar jc

negrete & the farm

claw game winners

homie at the bowling alley

victor galicia

victor galiciagain

ben schwab live @ the unknown theater

the dough rollers (are amazing)

i was in an afro classics video getting beat up.. this is scarub gettin arrested in the video

i also starred in a bunch of short films for negrete and his classmates.. i kinda need to try and get those

extras for negrete's short film

i went shooting pics with xsjado team.. jeff stockwell does a shifty royale

Jon Bolino

sticker collection (that im donating to intuition)

to be continued..


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