Friday, February 20, 2009

Too Faded Reviewed

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"jc rowes section is redonk. obedoza murks it, santostyle, montre.... really

get it"
-Adam Killgore (philly)

"Victor had my second favorite section. I always forget he lives in Santa Ana and I never skate with him."
-Matt Moya (OC)

"victors the shit"
-porkchop sandwiches (?)

"Such a great video. I really like how it was put together and the skating is sick."
-Mikey P. (New Jersey)

"The video really grew on me, the first couple of times I watched it it felt kind of slow and seemed to drag on way too long, but I watched it again yesterday and was really feeling it, it's a video that seems to have mad replay value and one thing you can't deny is that there is just a ton of good clips, Lonnie [and Brandon] always comes through with a huge grip of footage to work with."
-BlackGold (?)

"DAMN this video is good. The skating, the filming, the music is all top notch. It's been like the second coming of amazing skate videos lately. So worth the money. Fade Nation was good but Too Faded is A-mazing. The fact that they work full time and make videos this good is a testament to the passion in rollerblading. This one has some intense replay value too."
-JoeyMC (?)

"it was probably my favorite out of all the new vids. It had a very cohesive feel to it which is funny cause it was edited by two different film makers."
-Diet Kyle (Flordia)

"woke up to some mail from LA today. opened it up to reveal fade nation, too faded and some yo mtv raps cards from brandon and lonnie. too faded is a real banger, enanoh, victor and montre absolutely kill it. there is a colorado road trip section in there to which was one of my favorite parts, stockwell + concrete parks = floor jaw. neil, lee, umberto and me have clips in the international section which was exciting to see as we're all fans of brandon and lonnie's work. i highly recommend heading over to the fade nation blog to see what those dudes are getting up to in LA and while you're there it would be rude not to shed the measly $15 on a copy of too faded. if anyone needs a ll cool j yo mtv raps card for their collection i got two and will do swaps for keeps for run dmc." (France)

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