Thursday, February 12, 2009

Premiere Pics

First off thanks to my brother Johnny for finding the spot. The Coffee Table Lounge was fresh. I would also like to thank everyone for coming out to show support and have a good time with us. Sorry if i don't remember everyone's names.

Lee, my brother Johnny, JC, Me, Negrete out front

JC fade shades

Kruise Sapstein (watch out for this dude)

JC and Moya

KG and Haffey

Matt Andrews and Trudie

Brendan and girlfriend (I should know her name)

Zena, Sinzi and Mike

Obedoza, Steven Cortez and friends

friend ben and ricky

Rkof, friend, ben and kenny owens

John and the homie with his Too Faded DVD

obe, bino, cortez and co.

KG and Me

mike, kg, trud, haffey

haffey, me and KG

Rachard, John, Ricky, Demetrios and crew

Matt, Randy Spizer, Me, JC, Gabrielle


Emily and Jocelyn

Negrete on camera duty

obe's and lee's shoes

friend and Bino

Kruise and homies

Obe and friends en route

Anthony Williams and Cortez


Obe, friend, and Billy Kostka

boogie down

Schrijn from the SDSF premiere

Negrete and KO

Lee Martin

Obe's Too Faded

Rother and Emily


thanks again for everyone who came out. Special thanks to everyone who bought shirts and videos, and to the Coffee Table Lounge for hosting us.


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