Monday, January 19, 2009

super duper

Too Faded is getting duplicated for all those who have been asking. should be here in a week, and in stores by friday the 30th.

we went skating this weekend and it was alot of fun. John Starr came out which is a rarity, but always a pleasure. Watching him and Kevin Gillan skate in the same place is like being back in 97.

Then after we finished rolling the park some skateboarders totally geeked out on Kevin and asked him how Dustin is doing, if he still lived in Arizona, and if Kevin still skated for USD. Apparently they USED to blade (how often do i hear that sadness) which i guess is better then never having bladed at all.

Sorry I do not have any real pictures to show you. Ill be adding some new desktops in the next couple days. But ive been busy trying to get off Unemployment.

this is my newest desk setup. there's crap everywhere, but at least im done with the DVD.

super8 reels and mini dv's live on the floor

to the left

Zack Hendrickson on the good xmas gift giving

lamp and shades

house copy

please hold....

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David McNamara said...

Lonnie, are we abandoning this interview or are you getting those photos to me!?!?!?!

Can't wait to see Too Faded.