Friday, January 30, 2009

Bladers doing "wrong"

So a couple different people linked me to this news story. I was pretty taken back by it because I've met Boschi on a couple occasions and he was a real cool dude and a talented blader for many years.

...and now the Story

Cops grab 17 Stack Money Family members, shut down Hamilton Heights crack 'supermarket'


Thursday, January 29th 2009, 7:51 AM

They sold crack around the clock from a stately Harlem building and the Rollerblading boss showed off on YouTube, but Wednesday cops pulled the plug on the Stack Money Family.

In a morning sweep, cops arrested 17 members of the dope-dealing gang that had residents of a seven-story apartment building at 135 Hamilton Place living in terror.

"I was afraid even to look out the window," said one tenant, who applauded the crackdown. "I'm glad to have my building back."

The gang's leader Boschi (Bloodie) Pope, 22, has allegedly run the gang from Rikers Island, where authorities taped his incriminating conversations.

The secretly recorded tapes made at Rikers, allegedly capture Pope instructing his girlfriend, Tiffany DuBois, 21, on how to resupply the gang's crack stash, prosecutors said.

DuBois, the mother of Pope's child, was among those arrested Wednesday.

Before a parole violation got him jailed at Rikers in May, Pope posted YouTube videos demonstrating his inline-skating skills.

Other videos of block parties thrown by the Stack Money Gang on its turf were also posted on the popular Internet site.

After getting complaints from residents that the gang had turned their building into a 24-hour crack supermarket, cops launched sting making 24 undercover drug buys.

For the past three years, the gang sold crack from apartments in the building, hallways and even the lobby, cops said.

The gang even had a code book with terms like "put the hat on" for a call to arms, and "red rag" for get out.

"They're your everyday, ordinary terrorizers," said Dan Rather, head of the Manhattan district attorney's firearms unit.

Boschi's blading talent. BEAT THE CASE!



David McNamara said...

That is insane...

He is the second rollerblader I have heard of who is now behind bars. A British pro skater was arrested for armed robbery a few years ago and I'm pretty sure he is still in prison.

Could rollerblading be turning people to crime!?!?!?!?!


Analogous is: said...

ahh wtf man! :(