Monday, July 14, 2008


over the weekend my friend jason howard came out to visit and skate. he always brings the good vibes and i havent seen him in years so it was good to skate and chill.. aside from that it was basically a normal weekend filled with blading, cops, tunes, and fading..


jason gap from rail into the bank

Jason Howard alleyoop fisher




jason howard and nick rother


flyin ryan

was that ok?

instant replay/steezecheck

whenever youre having a bad day where you get kicked out of everything and the spots arent working out for you and you literally got kicked out of the city youre in, then you drive by and see a gap to donation box thingy and you have to stop and beg someone to do a cool trick on it, this is that look that happens when youre finished doing all that..

lee marvin

zack and girlfriend and insa

it should have continued "through the creepy ass back entrance and then up the sketchy freight elevator"

we helped get the beer in the elevator cuz were nice dudes like that, and the dude in orange was operatin the elevator.. very classy.

cop it

Flying Lotus on the buttons as Daedelus thanks the crowd for coming out to his cd release party

Flying Lotus is probably the hardest producer alive right now.. seriously.. dude is sick.

Daedelus killin it

Gaslamp Killer and Daedelus

denny's 4am post party

and then sunday happened and that was cool too but i didnt really take any pics but dont forget to hit us up on the MySpace if you have any footage you'd like to contribute (or if you'd like to advertise, but i will be bothering most of you in private emails later on this month). Thanks for checkin us outtt..

-Lonnie G.

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Hey Lonnie.... nice blog and photography.