Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of july weekend

since we all had a long weekend we managed to get 3 days of bladin in.. sorry no fireworks pics. but we got a few bladepics so thats cool. fade 2 is shaping up nice though. anylne reading this wanna get in touch wit us and contribute and/or advertise hit us up on the Fade Nation Myspace. And thats enough paragraphs heres the flicks..

obi and the roof

i gotta..

get up..

signature obi cheese

jc backroy up

haffey on the film.. hes gettin good at that too its kind of scary

jc post head smack

negrete lookin stylish

haffey with my reflector light that i was playin with

and we skated alt of other stuff too but i didnt take anymore pics.


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