Sunday, June 22, 2008

today and other stuff

went blading today. me negrete and kevin gillan met up with jc and obidobe. lotsa good stuff went down. heres the pics from today + other randoms.

jc mute topsoul

kg wearin a new black fabric shirt i made



obi helpin a brother out

jc negative mistrial droppery rail



lee in sf

me in sf


i wasnt joking about my car being shot

lee took this

schudes pinata party

shima and haffey at schudes party thingy

attempt at capturing super8 in our dirtbaggy kitchen

negretes camera is fixed as mine becomes un-usable

me & lee in sf from themgoods blog..

themgoods blog has way better pictures that ours do, but what they failed to mention is that i was laying in poop right here which is clearly an important detail

aaand thats about it.. i made some new black shirts. i will post pics of them here and on the black blog and on soon.. word.

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