Sunday, June 29, 2008

artshow and today n stuff

like the title says. the mr brainwash artshow pics and some blading pics from today and a couple randoms.. check em.

mr. brainwash elvis gun guitar stuff

marylin mocks

stack of books with laptop on top..

run dmc.. all the black parts are not paint but glued on broken record pieces.. pretty cool

elvis and billie holiday (good call shannon).. same fresh broken record deal

old woman portrait with wolverine superimposed


marylin thingy

haffey TA in downtown metro

KG on the drop off bs roy and me on the late snap

byron ditch drop in

negrete and byron angle peeping

negrete packin up

my OG film splicer

hoodstyles analog film editing station

mexican xsjado shoes i saw in a magazine my stepmom had

wordd.. more updates soon. thanks for stoppin by and checkin us outt.


1 comment:

Shannon said...

I wanna say thats Billy Holliday but it might be Ella.