Sunday, February 17, 2008

LA, hollywood, the franchise, and more..

damn alots been going on i guess.. maybe its just the same as always. both brandons car and my own got shot (with what the cops believe to be a .38 caliber) in front of our building about 2 weeks ago. it was weird because they were filming a movie on our block which is pretty normal, and when we heard the gunshots we figured it was for the movie. but when negrete went to leave about 45 minutes later there was about 15 cops in front of our place. they asked us whose cars they were and we filled out police reports and stuff but nothing will ever happen i guess we just look thugged out driving around in our cars now. aside from that drama negrete and myself have been out filming every chance we get. Lots of LA skating been going on. A little bit o hollywood too. Also, some of negretes friends are in from france and have been doing a bit of the blading with us along with Kevin Gillan whose been gettin down again too which is rad to see. anyway, were still working on sf mission web edit stuff but until then heres some pictures..

super 8 footage came in. we watched it. yay!

Lee found a really cool new spot with some ledges and a cool rail thingy.

i dont know if im supposed to let this picture out but haffeys busting the switch wally to switch 180 off into the bank. even though he didnt land it, this is still nuts.

footage capturer

lee and his handy braiding techniques

kg on the wheel

nick rother in the back

wally to fakie at the end of a line.. my snatchywaters

Brioche, Fred, Umberto (the franchise), kevin, lee, brandon, and byron at hollywood high.

real talk

negrete with the lighting courtesy of the light thingy he bought with his best buy gift certificate

byron at the rail we skated on the way out of hollyhigh..

nick rother on the royale

i love the little delay you get with the crappy handhelds sometimes. this picture is probably better than any actual picture i might have taken of him doing the trick. hooray accidents.

Last but not least is this picture of my dad hangin out with bishop don magic juan. note that hes twisting up the blunt all up in the club with the chocolate cake and rugged white chick. pimps up hoes down.

and i guess thats it for now. we got a sweet phone call today about a video section for fade 2 that we might be doing, but more on that soon. actually, ill even give you a clue.. nimh.


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