Monday, January 21, 2008

Update about updates

Sooo its been a little over a week since weve done something here.. my baadddd. We went to San Francisco the weekend of the 11th - 13th and skated with Jeff Stockwell and Erik Bailey out there. Lee and Victor were holding it down too. Erik's roommates are all really cool and nice and hooked us up with some groundspacee.. Lots of lines, follow-cams, and a ton of photos out there.. Then we stayed in LA this past weekend and hit up some good spots. Ryan Santos, Anthony Williams, Steven Cortez, Obidobe, JC Rowe, Nick Rother, Victor GalĂ­cia, Lee and Rachard all came out this weekend, and everybody got clips. Go team. Anyways.. since im at work doing a bunch of crap i dont yet have time to upload all the pictures from the past weeks.. I will however leave you with a cool little video i made of my room cleaning itself. I did this about 3 years ago when i still lived in Dallas.. peep game..

this picture is of my cubicle. I spend about 40 hours a week here. To the right of my cubicle is Kevin Gillan. On the other side of the wall is Brian who used to be mindgames only employee. Now we all work together and it makes showing up everyday a little easier. Im often talk about work and how stupid my desk is. It is always covered in garbage. I dont know why but i think if your work area is clean then youre not focusing enough on the work. Im always juggling multiple crap so i need a ton of different tools to get everything done.. off hand i see my laptop, the imac, a light table, a vcr, scattered helmet packaging, a canon battery charger, the case for the gl1, the canon digicam, some transparencies for making silk screen films, a coke, a starbucks drink, the color index, some highlighters, 2feet vids, fade nation videos.. and a ton of other things.. im still working on downsizing all the sf pics so bear with me..



slowone said...
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slowone said...

bout time you put up that edit of your room cleaning its self, shits fresh.