Monday, January 7, 2008

Haffey's Birthday.

January 8th.. so its Chris Haffey's birthday today, and his roommate threw a surprise party for him. Ive never been a part of a big surprise party walk-in thing, so me and lee and kev rolled over to be a part. We were fashionably the earliest people there, but we live the closest too so give us a break. We helped blow up balloons and get the decorations ready (actaully kevin and lee did most of the balloons) and trudie and myself went to get the beers. After all the setup and everyone arriving we actually had a very successful "SURPRISE" yell..

Before we partied lee practiced using his new camera..

Negrete computin it upp..

Lee driving and practicing his new camera

In celebration of the new year i have dramatically cut down my drug and alcohol intake.. This, i am now the built in designated driver.

Blowing up this many balloons will give you a sweet headrush.


Silly string attack!

emily and nick and me (lonnie)

Negrete and Adam Kola busting the science experiment

"Dude, we should get drunk more often.. this is pretty fun." -Negrete

KG on hot pocket detail.

KG and lee

Negrete cuttin up the rug

hot pocket feast.

Alejo and Haffey do a duet

Lee and Negrete were pretty juiced on the empty plate

Si and Adam are englishmen but their patriotism is questionable.. i heard Si (or cy?) call it "football" instead of soccer.. How un-english

singstar is an amazing time consumer and an awesome karaoke replacement for the home

emily and trudie battle while Si watches on

my man-boobs made out of party hats..

even when theyre made out of cardboard and shaped all weird, boobs are still fun.

negrete and his new shirt doin something

one of my boobs doubled as a mask when i got inspired by "i'm a cyborg but thats ok"

KG smiley face balloon

Negrete on the karaoke video from trudies 21st birthday

and this isnt from the party but we got a little video money and negrete made it rain. too bad everytime we get money we turn around and pay a bill with it.. oh well.. thats why were working on fade nation 2 right now.. see you next blog.. and until then enjoy us singing happy birthday to the haffey.

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walter said...

aeh very style a fest...congratulations Haffey, i am brazilians