Friday, May 25, 2007

more random pics..

whenever i dont have much to report i am going to just post random photos all shot during the production of Fade Nation.. so here you go.. lotsa randoms here..

Alex Miranda coined the term "Fade Nation" so you can talk to him if it "sounds stupid" (which it doesnt)

fellow 8-5er m-f, randy spizer and I do alot of ichatting while we work. sometimes we hang out and party. we never really skate though :(

Rachards a little out of focus but check out the background.. you have "weird staring guy" and then you have "weird face made while dry humping on the dance floor guy." Look at em go..

FRSH Joe Navran.

Kevin Gillan and his twin brother Sean. Its really his twin brother too, im not just making that up.

as i write this i still have my dirty clothes at chris's apartment going on week 3.. i think chris has been to russia, china, and possibly a couple other countries since my mess invaded.. sorry ill come get it soon.

Huntington Beach pier

we went to woodward west for a comp.. arlo was there.

matt yakked on the way.

it looked all scenic in the morning

and thats about it for now.. hope you enjoyed them. more to come soon? you better believe it. Trailer coming soon too, im not just saying that, i scolded negrete for not going to get super 8 film..

but next week..

itll be cool..

youll see.

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BorisG said...

Great pics. i can't wait to see the trailer.
You didn't answer.. do you need Haffey's russian clips? He killed it here..