Tuesday, May 22, 2007

finally playing catch up...

soooooooo time to get this blog thingy goin.. weve already been filming for about 3 months every weekend, and about once during the week maybe.. but basically all we have is saturday and sunday. We were keeping the project low-pro until we got a bit further and really decided to do it.. but weve gotten to that point so i guess i can just let the photos kinda do the telling so far.. i apologize for the lack of skate pictures because i only really take them if we have 1 camera.. which is whenever we cannot borrow rachards gl2.. but i hope you enjoy and after this initial "catch up" post i will be keeping you updated more daily..

wax on..

Rachard backnugen thingy..

livin LARJ with the homie Bill Clinton..

chuck-e-cheese skate..

the dude who works at this chuck-e-cheese is not a blader fan.

Dominic hurls then gets a fresh gap 2 soul clip.

Blacktory chillin..

i get alot of work done in my sleep.

The spot we skated when ben was ready came complete with crack-smoking-at-the-bottom-of-the-stairs bums.. always a nice touch..

the Skatepark

Brandon double fisting the margaritas.

JC is 23

Scwabby TTS's

Victor (whos last name we keep forgettin) & Lee Martin.. expect to see alot more of these 2 SoCal natives..

JC, KG, & LARJ @ AC..

Haffey vs. Roommate

We went out to Detroit bar and there was an Abstract Rude show.. cool.

we take turns driving..


Dom Sagoners..

1 gallon of gas > dv tape (almost)

The Haffey vs. The Schwab

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