Thursday, December 30, 2010


So on Christmas day Lee Martin & myself went to the Lakers vs. Heat game. I was waiting for the Lakers to win another game before I dropped these photos so after last nights win against New Orleans, here they are. GO LAKERS!

Myself & Lee en route bumpin that PURP & YELLOW

the hot seat

Ron Artest!

Kobe free throwin

Shannon Brown

Matt Barnes

Andrew Bynum

Larry David & George Lopez


Kobe & Fisher

pregame 2

G-Lo & Will.I.Am ?

Lakers girls


Lamar shoots a freethrow

Kobe on the rebound

Kobe shoots

Pau Gasol dunks!

halftime homies

free throwww


Lee & our awesome jackets from my dads closet.





Dwrek said...

I was there the same night

ASAZ said...

Laker life, a solid team and admired by fans

JLTan said...

I have not been to a basketball game for quite a while, but I thoroughly enjoyed the last one I went to. Thank you for reminding me of the fun through your post.

May God bless you.

hapi said...

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